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The story behind the name..

Memories from my childhood growing up in Launceston are largely of mum using her spare time making jams, sewing clothes, stitching blankets and renovating houses. She was extremely generous, gifting her handmade treasures to friends and family at every opportunity. Reba is an acronym from the 4 names that make up our family, Rebecca, Edwina, Bronwyn, Alexander, and Sear is homage to my grandmothers maiden name.

In 2019, just as she was about to step away from working life and enjoy retirement, Mum passed away extremely unexpectedly. I had always shared a dream of having a coffee and gift shop with her curated with bright, cheerful wares. Though I had not thought I would be living out this dream in my 20’s with out her, if there is one thing I have learnt especially in the last couple of years is this - there is no time better than the present to do the things that you really love! So in 2021, Reba Sear was born again, continuing on a name and shared vision for everyone to enjoy.


Edwina x

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